One of the best things about having an Android device is being able to tweak it exactly to your liking — but sometimes, the stock software that comes on your device just doesn’t quite cut it. If we dive into XDA forums we can find thousands of custom ROMs. Every one of them differs here and there.
Android N (Nougat) is near its global release with the upcoming nexus devices, so I take a look back at the best custom marshmallow roms available till date. In this series i would be reviewing the top 5 marshmallow roms available for android devices. The first ROM is the Dirty Unicorns.

Dirty Unicorns – Go Dirty, Never Clean!

I have been a great fan of the Dirty Unicorns ROM since its early days, and when the rom came for my device I couldn’t resist myself from flashing it. I have been playing with its latest version (10.4) since one week now and i would be reviewing it in different aspects like performance, battery, customization. etc.

Customizations :
Seriously. This is the main reason I flash custom ROMs; I’m just never satisfied with the level of customization offered on stock ROMs. Unfortunately, I hit the same barrier in most builds of CyanogenMod and other popular ROMs that choose a simple, non-bloated route over a feature-packed one. Dirty Unicorns hits a nice sweet spot, though.

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“Fling” is a gesture-based navigation feature designed to unleash the power of gestures. The user is able to assign gestures to basically anything: applications, contacts, settings shortcuts etc. Fling recognizes the length of swipe or number of taps. Below is a video showing this feature in action.
Dirty Unicorns | Fling

“SmartBar” is another feature useful especially on devices without hardware navigation keys. The default navigation bar can be enhanced to handle up to 7 or 10 (depends on the type of device) shortcuts. Just like Fling, it can be either a shortcut to an app or activity. Possibilities are almost endless.
Dirty Unicorns | Smartbar

A third feature worth mentioning is “Pulse”. It’s one of the kind music equalizers which sits in the navigation bar. It activates when you play the music and is a pretty good-looking equalizer.
Dirty Unicorns | Pulse

Battery Life :
I have no complaints in this department. I wouldn’t say that it’s gotten any better from my old Lollipop ROM, but it’s about equivalent. I easily make it through any average day with battery to spare. If I use it a lot, I can probably expect about 6 hours of on-screen time before it calls it quits. (using a 2200 mah device)
Of course, I’m just using the kernel that comes with DU, but you could always tweak things even further by installing a different kernel.

Stability :
I have yet to have a single app force close, and I haven’t experienced a random reboot either. At least for me, this ROM seems to be super stable and has been working amazingly well as my daily driver.
I found this pretty impressive, especially considering these are still basically nightlies. Marshmallow on the Xiaomi Redmi 2 and hasn’t quite yet gotten to the official stable point, but you wouldn’t know that by using this ROM.

Final Word :
DU team took a different approach and didn’t focus on bringing up bleeding-edge features. Instead, we are getting a fully-baked project, with many interesting features including Fling, SmartBar and Pulse.
This is a pretty stable rom and is among the top contenders for the best custom marshmallow rom.

Links (Dirty Unicorns):
Official Site –
G+ Community –

Next ROM up for the review is the Resurrection Remix ! I will post the review of it after testing it for a week.
Till then, Happy Flashing!